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REPORT | Team KLDSA nominated for WDSF World Latin & World Junior ll Latin!

Kuala Lumpur | 6 KLDSA athletes were nominated by the Malaysia DanceSport Federation (MYDF) to participate in the WDSF World Junior ll Latin Championship in Bilbao, Spain and WDSF World Latin Championship in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Lee Gao Xiang & Zoe Tan Zi Wei were nominated in the Junior ll latin category where as Danny Tan Yee Chun & Kelly Tan Chee Min and Ooi Say Keat & Bernice Iu Weng Tong were nominated for the World latin Championship. The team was lead and coached by Mr. Chua Zjen Fong & Ms Evon Chong.

Before the major championship kicks in, the team will be spending 1 week of training in Italy before departing to Ostrava for the WDSF World Latin Championship. The team also signed up for a match analysis in Italy to be reviewed by 8 panel of WDSF licensed adjudicators and provide feed backs of their performance. This on the other hand give the athletes a more detailed picture of what they did right and where went wrong.

Upon completing their championship in Ostrava, the team head back to Italy to continue their training before heading to Bilbao for the WDSF World Junior LL latin Championship.

The Malaysian team had gained tremendous support from KLDSA as part of the athletes sponsorship program. each nominated athletes were reimbursed with 50% of the airfare, 100% of the trip's accommodation as well as a car rental provided by KLDSA. It is a trip well worth it for the younger athletes where they were given such great opportunity to venture the other half of the world via healthy competitions like this.

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