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News | MYDF Officials Attending WDSF Adjudicators Congress in Taipei

Taipei | 12 MYDF officials that comprises of both National and WDSF licensed adjudicators participated in the WDSF Adjudicators congress held in Taipei organized by the Chinese Taipei DanceSport Federation (CTDSF) on 31 May 2019. The WDSF Adjudicators were Mr. George Tan, Ms, Sylvia Loo, Mr. Peter Tan, Ms. Vivian Chen, Ms. Maggie Sau, Ms. Ivy Por, and Mr. Anthony Chua. MYDF National Adjudicators were Mr. Chua Zjen Fong, Ms. Evon Chong, Mr. Chua Zjen Thak, Ms Camelia Devi and Ms Tyng Tyng. It is Mandatory for the WDSF Adjudicators to attend these congresses to update their education and the latest rules, styles and requirements in today's dancing. As for the National Adjudicators, it is mandatory for them to attend at least 2 congresses in the period of two years to be eligible for them to apply for National adjudicators.

The first lecture were presented Mr Heinz Spaeker from Germany on the duties on the adjudicator, their ethics and code of conduct. He also touched on some of the scenarios and problems that occurred in the past and how to prevent them. He also explained on the criteria that the judges should be looking for, what to judge and what not to judge. The information given were very useful to the adjudicators on their future career in judging as well as coaches too where they now have a clearer direction on how to train their athletes that fit the competition requirement.

The next speaker is none other than Fabio Bosco from Italy who was an excellent athlete during his competition days. For someone like Fabio whose area of expertise in Standard made him the Standard Lecturer for the congress was an obvious choice. His clear explanation on the Standard technique was presented and gave a strong impression on the participants.

The last speaker of the day was Denis Kuznetsov from Russia that spoke on the Latin subject. Along with him on congress were Andrey Gusev and Vera Bondareva whom were the current WDSF top 3 latin couple. His lecture on the Technical Qualities, Music to Movement, Partnering Skills and Choreography & Presentation were well explained with live demonstration from the top athletes. The content of the lecture was an eye opener for the congress participants on the current dance technique and advance movements that were required to be able to survive in the current WDSF competitive scene.

Both Andrey and Vera have a strong connection and relationship with KLDSA where they were also part of the contributors whom have helped shaped KLDSA's athletes.

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