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News | KLDSA Athletes competing in the WDSF Superstars Championship 2022

22 November 2022 (Ho Chi Minh) | The KLDSA team had sent 3 couples to Ho Chi Minh to compete in the WDSF Superstar Championship. Our KLDSA team consisted of Ng Ze Yu & Yap Wan Xin, Lee Gao Xiang & Zoe Tan ZI Wei, Tan Yee Siang & Bernice Lu Weng Tong. The WDSF Superstars Championship 2022 took place from the 11th of November to the 13th of November.

Our athletes have made our country Proud !

Congratulations to Ng Ze Yu & Yap Wan Xin for winning 3 Golds for Grade B Junior II Latin, Grade B Junior II Standard and Grade B Youth Latin, also couple Lee Gao Xiang & Zoe Tan Zi Wei for achieving Top 2 in the WDSF titled events, Tan Yee Siang & Bernice Iu Weng Tong for making it into the final round(Top 5) of the Rising Star Open Latin and placed 17th out of 33 couples in the WDSF Open Latin.

Below are the results of our KLDSA athletes:

▪ Tan Yee Siang & Bernice Iu Weng Tong:

-WDSF Open Latin: 17th Place

-Rising Star Open Latin: 5th Place

▪ Ng Ze Yu & Yap Wan Xin:

-Grade A Junior II Standard: 4th Place

-Grade A Junior II Latin: 4th Place

-Grade B Junior II Latin: 1st Place

-Grade B Youth Standard: 3rd Place

-Grade B Junior II Standard: 1st Place

-Grade B Youth Latin: 1st Place

-WDSF Youth Latin: 14th Place

-WDSF Youth Standard: 12th Place

▪ Lee Gao Xiang & Zoe Tan Zi Wei:

-WDSF Open Latin: 21st Place

-WDSF Open Standard: 9th Place

-WDSF Youth Latin: 2nd Place

-WDSF Youth Standard: 9th Place

KLDSA wishes all the athlete to continue to train hard and make our country proud in the upcoming competitions!


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